Taekwondo Character Development(TCD) Program

As a professor specializing in Taekwondo I have been developing a program called TCD (Taekwondo Character Development) for the last 17 years.




TCD’s Training Goal

The TCD program shapes Character through physical and mental training.  In this program, we use Taekwondo to train these children so that they may grow up to be upstanding citizens and future leaders of our society.  However, some students with physical or mental handicaps cannot achieve this goal without additional support in facing life’s daily obstacles.  We have a special needs program for these students called TCS (Taekwondo Clinical Support).  This program gives additional support to these students through intense physical and mental training.  With a consistent training regimen, our goal is to have our special needs students have the confidence and ability to train alongside regularly enrolled TCD students.

TCD’s Training Classification.

TCD is classified into three different categories.

Category One, Emotional  Development;

With TCD training you will see a reformation in the mind as well as speech and habit changes.
Focusing only on habit changes produces a temporary result. You must change your mind to maintain these results.
Emotional development training will help cure or eliminate the occurrence of either psychological or personality problems in the future.
Through Taekwondo training the child will learn to suppress impulsive behavior and progressively become more rationale and intellectual.

Category Two, Cognitive Development;

With cognitive development training you will improve both brain judgement and physical ability.
You will see improvement in areas of self control.
This will help cure or eliminate conduct, development and motor skills disorders.
Through Perceptual Motor teaching the child will improve sensory system as well as motor system and ultimately improve motor coordination, which
will also aid in cognitive abilities.

Category Three, Increased Intelligence Potential;

Potential development training works to help improve the overall combination of IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient).
Increased Intelligence Potential will help the child maximize their learning and emotional abilities in addition raise the levels at which they will ultimately
be able to perform throughout life.

TCD Program’s Important Point

  1. For Tiny Lions, (ages 3~6), we direct our training on focus, coordination and righteousness.
  2. For Kid Lions, (ages 7~12), we focus on self-discipline, self-esteem, self-defense, respect, concentration and positive attitude.

Also, we have great feedback from the parents encouraging us to spread the knowledge of the program and work with more children.  This Program has been developed for children between the ages of 3 to 12 years of age.

I would like to offer my TCD services for children that display:
· To improve overall self-worth and I.Q & E.Q
· Low Focus, Bad Habits, Disobeying Parents, Disrespectful
· Disrespects Teacher, Low school grades, Unsociable
· Low physical and social activity

First ever Internationally developed
TCD & TCS Program
TCPD copy

Invited by Korean Taekwondo Master Association to
speak about TCD & TCS Program at seminar. (May 26, 2013)