Tiny Lions Tae Kwon Do (Ages 3‐6)


There is an old Korean saying,  “A three year old’s habit stays until he is 80 years old”

Just as what it interprets, children develop their behavior and habits when they are young; therefore bad habits and behaviors must be corrected also when they are young to become a good person in the future.

Ha’s Taekwondo Academy designs a individualized martial art program for each child for the child to develop a good behavior and good character starting at a very crucial age.

Our pride, Tiny Lions Program!

Character Training: Respect, Confidence, Endurance…

Physical exercise: Focus, Coordination, Agility, Flexibility…

Only from Ha’s Taekwondo!

  1. Grandmaster Tae Eun Ha developed the world’s first “Tiny Lion Children Character Development Taekwondo” program and this program is exclusive taught at only in registered Ha’s Taekwondo schools.
  2. We check your child’s physical ability level by observing carefully for a couple of months and evaluate his/her character with our “Teakwondo Temperament Test: TTT” to provide the best educational martial art program just for your child.
  3. Our program is proven to help pervasive developmental disorders children to improve their learning abilities.
  4. Ha’s Taekwondo instructors must complete 200 hours of children’s psychology, children’s educational philosophy, children’s physical education, Moral development education, children’s health, and children’s Taekwondo education before attempting to be officially certified as a main instructor. These well certified instructors will be responsible for your children’s education at Ha’s Taeknowndo Academy.