Private Lesson

Ha’s Taekwondo Academy offers a more individualized instructions for each student.  Under the direction of Grandmaster Tae Eun Ha, a student in private lessons is exposed to the philosophies and culture of the art of Taekwondo through a smaller ratio, more curriculum-Intensive program. This class structure offers you:

  • Student Specific lesson plans
  • More precise refinement of the Taekwondo techniques
  • Curriculum-specific lesson for trouble areas
  • Taekwondo and physical tests that evaluate personal progress
  • More one-on-one time with your master
  • Intensive course allows belt progression in a more timely manner
  • Full/ Semi-Private/ Small Ratio classes available
  • Direction towards more self-discipline and greater self awareness
  • Increased flexibility, stamina, speed, accuracy and weight control

Who should take private lessons?

Those who would like to be guaranteed a successful result from a belt promotion test.

Those who wish to have a one on one training with a high skilled master and learn more high level techniques to excel in Olympic sparring, Forms, and others.

  • An exclusive summer break Olympic sparring private lessons will be taught by the 2 time U.S. Open Olympic Sparring Grand champion, Master John Ha.
  • Summer Break special Form private lessons will be taught by the 2007 U.S. Open Taekwondo Times Magazine tournament champion and 2006 New York Open Form Champion Master Tony Ha.

Those who wish to improve physical conditioning for any sports or martial arts.

Those who cannot fit into our set schedule for regular classes. And those who wish to learn other forms of various self-defense techniques not taught in class.


Please contact an instructor to set a specific time now!