Hwa Rang Do

Ha’s TaeKwonDo training is so popular because; no other activity can provide the same positive results on a personal level for each individual participant.

Whether your goal is to:

  • Increase your self confidence
  • Develop self discipline
  • Build concentration
  • Earn a black belt

Our school has what it take to get you there.

Outstanding Students that Represent Ha’s Taekwondo International Grand Champion.

* 2002, U.S. Open Championship: John

* 2003, U.S. Open Championship: Andie,Ha, Sung

* 2004, U.S. Open Championship: Kaleb

* 2006, U.S. Open Championship: Sam, John, Newton, Ha, Sung

* 2006, New York Open T.K.D Championship: Ha, Hyun Soo

* 2007, U.S. Open Metro Championship: Ha, Hyun Soo

* 2007, U.S. Open Championship: Justin

National Grand Champion
* 2007, Chicago T.K.D Championship: Alex, Jordan, Dulton

* 2007, New York City T.K.D Championship: Kaleb

*Male Junior Athlete of the Year 2009: Kendrick J. Chong

Work through the hard training today to become a great world champion tomorrow  Ha’s TaeKwonDo instructors are dedicated to helping you and/or your family acheive your goals.

Being on the team:

It is consider both a privilege and honor.  Only students who have been hand chosen by Grand Master Ha can participate in this program.  Students are chosen on the following criteria:

  • School grades equal to a “B+” and up
  • Demonstrate good manners at all times
  • Rise to a challenge

Team members experience situations and receive instructions that will help them grow.

Just some of these areas are:
Specialized T.K.D techniques
Advanced sparring tactics
Personal strength and endurace.

All the Students in this program really work hard and give more then 100% in each and every class and they tend to develop at a faster pace than some of the other students. We have this program at both of our locations in Algonquin IL and in Loves Park Il just outside of Rockford.