Ha’s Taekwondo offers a wide range of classes from our Tiny Lion Program for Children 3-6 Years old.

ONLY FROM Ha’s Taekwondo!

  1. Grandmaster Tae Eun Ha developed the world’s first “Tiny Lion Children Personality Development Taekwondo” program and this program is exclusive taught at only in registered Ha’s T.K.D Academy.
  2. Our program is proven to help ADD and ADHD children to improve their learning abilities.
    (attention deficit problems, hyperactivity, impulsivity, learning disorder/ neurological disorder, conduct disorder or behavioral disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, Tourette Syndrome, developmental disability, Autism/ Asperger Syndrome and other similar disorders)
  3. Ha’s Taekwondo instructors must complete 200 hours of children’s psychology, children’s educational philosophy, children’s physical education, Moral development education, children’s health, and children’s Taekwondo education before attempting to be officially certified as a main instructor.

These well certified instructors will be responsible for your children’s education at Ha’s Taekwondo Academy.  For more information about this program please check the TCD section on this website.

Our Kids Program is for Children ages 7-11 This program will also not only focus on Taekwondo Physical training but Personality Training such as proper manors,study habits and increase focus. For more information on this program please refer to Kids Programs listed in the menu Bar at the top under Taekwondo Programs.

Our Jr Program Ages 12-19 Teaches Core elements of martial arts,all aspects of training and curriculum are thought through group as well as individual instruction. To get more information on this program please go to the menu bar at the top of our website and click on programs and then go to our Jr Taekwondo Program.