Grand Master Ha


Graduate from Dept. of Taekwondo, Kyung-Hee Uni., in February, 1988.(B. A.)
Graduate from Dept. of Physical Education, Dankook Graduate School in February, 1992.(M. A.)

Military Service

Branch of service: Army
Service number: 88-03208
Period of service: March 1988 ~ December 1999.
Rank: Captain Officer (R. O. T. C. #26)

Military Experience

Education Training Officer:

Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps (January 31,1996~May 28 1997)
*Soldiers that compete in world championships, the Olympics, or CIDSM(Counsel International Du Sport Militarily)game. Tae Eun Ha specially made program for these soldiers to follow during the inside or outside front line combat training. He was in charge of making and reporting the plan.

Full-time Taekwondo Professor: Korea Third Military Academy (May 29, 1997~December 31, 1999)
*Tae Eun Ha taught the Korean Third Military soldiers, Taekwondo and taught the soldiers the Taekwondo technique they would have to incorporate in a real life fight against a enemy.

*I received a report card from the academy for my teaching from January 1,1997~December 31, 1998 showing following abilities and specialty:
Report Card of Professor (January 1, 1997~December 31, 1998):

  1. Education teaching level=A. level, 182 points, 25 out of 61 rank
  2. Research=A. level, 81 points, 11 out of 61 rank
  3. Volunteer=A. level, 44.5 points, 18 out of 61 rank Graded from The Korea Third Military Academy Administrator.

Korea Military Taekwondo Referee Korea Military Taekwondo Association (1997~1999)
*In this events Tae Eun Ha traveled to different Korean military Taekwondo tournament, guiding and judge the military Taekwondo black belt testing.

Civilian Experience

Advisory Committee of Kukkiwon(World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters) (2012~)
*The World Taekwondo Federation is the International Federation governing the sport of Taekwondo and is a member of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations.

Professor invitation of Taekwondo department at Korea Nazarene University (2011~)

Instructor for the TCD(Taekwondo Character Development) & TCS(Taekwondo Clinical Support)  Program as part of the Harlem School District Special Education Program (2010~2013)
*The innovative approach in TCD & TCS has been evaluated by the Harlem School District #122 and as of March 30th, 2010 our program is now an official part of the Harlem School District’s Special Education Program.

U.S.A. National Collegiate Taekwondo Team Head Coach (2009)
*The US Pan Am Collegiate Team captured 16 out of a possible 21 gold medals on Friday, June 5, 2009 at the University of California, Berkeley at the Pan American University Taekwondo Championships. Serving as team head coaches was Tae Eun Ha and John Ha served as the trainer.

Commissioner of USA Taekwondo Martial Arts Commission (2008~)

Chief Council/ President of the Illinois State Taekwondo Martial Arts Commission

Adviser to the Chief of Belvidere Police Department (2007~)
*Defensive tactics teach the Belvidere Police Department.

International Taekwondo Health Institute Founder (2001~)

World Jangsong Martial Art Federation Founder (Jan. 7, 2000~)
*As the founder of World Jangsong Martial Art his job was to use Taekwondo, Kumdo and Yangseng to teach the students and help them reach their personal goals and help them become a important part of the society.

Director of the World Taekwondo Research Society (May 1999~)
*He directed the seminars that was held in the World Taekwondo Research Society, and also help the Taekwondo studies.

Secretary General of International Taekwondo Science Society (1997~99)
*Tae Eun Ha studied the similarity between Taekwondo and science, by this he wrote thesis to help hold a seminar about the Taekwondo Science.

Teakwondo Deputy Chairman, for Korea Taekwondo Association (Feb., 1997~Feb., 1998)
*Here his duty was to develop and upgrade the different kinds of Taekwondo forms, sparing, board breaking and defense techniques.

Qualifications Acquired

Physical Diet Therapist, from Korea Complementary and Alternative Medicine Association(2006)
Seventh degree black belt in Taekwondo, from Korea Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters) (2004)
Athletic Trainer, from Korea Athletic Trainer Association(1999)
Sports Health Conditioner, from Korea Athletic Trainer Association(1999)
Sports Massage Adviser, from Korea Athletic Trainer Association(1997)
Sports Taping Therapist, from Korea Athletic Trainer Association(1997)
Korea Military Taekwondo Judge, from Korea military Taekwondo Association(1997)
Physical Training of Living’s Adviser(1996)
Taekwondo Physical Trainer, from Korea Secretary of Education.(1996)
Sixth degree in Kum Do, from Korea Kum-do Association (1996)
Taekwondo Athletic Trainer, from Korea Secretary of Education.(1995)
International Taekwondo Referee(1991)
Master of Korean Taekwondo Society, from Korea Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters)(1990)
Management Adviser of Physical Strength, from Korean Physical Trainer Association(1990)
Physical Therapist, from Korea Exercise Trainer Association(1990)
Chiropractor, from Korea Chiropractic Association(1989)


CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION by Harlem School District #122, Illinois State (2011)

Recognized for the development of the TCD & TCS program and as an instructor for the TCD & TCS Program in Harlem School District Special Education Program.

Citation by International Health Connective Kinestherapy Association (2010).for his outstanding contribution to and achievement in the world of USA Taekwondo.(2009)

Award by National Collegiate Taekwondo Association, U.S.A. (2009)
*Received award for As USA collegiate team Head Coach, He lead the national team to the victory. Their coaching quality proved to be one of the top in the world.
Outstanding Referee of the USA Taekwondo Martial Arts Commission (2008)

CRIME STOPPERS Award. by Winnebago County Sheriff’s Police, Illinois (2007)
*Received award for support has added greatly to the success of the crime stoppers program.

Best Referee of the New York Taekwondo Federation (2007)
Development of a New York Taekwondo Championship, Olympic Sparring Referee and Teaching .Master of the Year by U.S National Collegiate Taekwondo Association. (2006) *Received award for teaching U.S National Collegiate Taekwondo Association.

Letter of World Taekwondo Federation (2006)
*Development of a World Taekwondo Programs(Yang Seng Exercise), Referee and Teaching

Community Service Award by Rockford Park District, Illinois (2006)
*Received award for volunteer teaching(2004-2006) economically disadvantaged children, also he distributed equipment for free to the children.

Coach of the Yea New York Taekwondo Inc. (2006)
*When his own three students participated in the 2006 New York Open Tae Kwon Do championship, two of his students won 2nd places, one placed 3rd, and importantly one student own the Grand-champion award for getting the highest score in forms competition out of more then 800 competitors

Master of the Taekwondo Times magazine & America T.K.D Federation (2005)
*Development of a World Taekwondo Programs(Yang Seng Exercise), Referee and Teaching

Certificate of Appreciation.
by U.S National Collegiate Taekwondo Association. (2003)
*The US National Collegiate Taekwondo Association also decided to adopt Master Ha’s teachings. U.S. Women’s Taekwondo team learned from  Mr. Ha and it won 1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals during the 2003 Summer University Games which was held in Taegu, South Korea. Professor Y. B. Kim represented the team, and he caused the US National Collegiate Taekwondo Association to award a certificate of appreciation to Master Ha for his team’s achievement.

Award of Chung Do Kwan International, Inc.(2002~2003)
*Development of Referee in Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo Championship

Best Referee Citation. by Chung Do Kwan International, Inc.(2002)
*He help judge in the competition and teach the American referee the right ways of judging, for this he got a certificate to thank his help.

Appreciation plaques.
 from Taekwondo Federation of Spain. (2002)
*Development of a Olympic Taekwondo Programs Award is presented to Master Ha by Miranda De Ebro for teaching 2 champions (ESPANA)(2002)

Excellent Thesis Award by Korea Third Military Academy (1999)
*A study on the development of the Military Taekwondo since Korean Independence day.

Citation by Korea Commander of Army Education Bureau
*This citation is given to Tae Eun Ha for the presentation of his research on new Taekwondo education development. In recognition of his  research, Tae Eun Ha was awarded $500.00 in U.S dollars. For updating and rewriting the information in the textbook.

Citation of Korean Defense Ministry
*Development of a Military Taekwondo Programs and Referee

Citation of Korea Taekwondo Society by Korea Taekwondo Association
*Developed and taught the Military Taekwondo. In ?1996 Korean Defense Ministry tournament? he was the best referee.

Grandmaster Ha Receive a Plaque and Cash Award from the Korean Defense Ministry (1992)
 *In recognition of his research, Tae Eun Ha was awarded $300 in U.S dollars.

Certificate of Achievement in Qualification Examination for Taekwondo International Referee (1991)
*From 50 international referee because of his outstanding performance he placed top three with a certificate for the congratulation.


*Study of the Developing History of the Korean Military Taekwondo since the Korean Independence; World Taekwondo Research Society Publication, 1999. & The Third Military Academy in Korea, Research Review Vol.49, 1999
*Study on a Program to Activate Taekwondo Training; International Taekwondo Institute, 1999

*On Taekwondo posture relative to philosophical aspect, 1998

*Impact of Meditation on Taekwondo; International Zen-Martial Art Association, 1994

*Development of Taekwondo Public Health; Korean Physical Education Society, 1993

*Study of Taekwondo Public Health; Korea Taekwondo Association, 1992-1993

*Analysis of Physical Education of Article of the Korea Soldiers Newspaper; Korea Military
Academy, 1992

*Korean traditional value and Taekwondo; Korea Dan-Kuk Univ. Master’s degree thesis,1992

*Influence which Subjectivity to Sports in North Korea; Korea Kyung Hee Univ., 1991

*Confucian and Taekwondo; Korea Taekwondo Association, 1991


An Introduction to Taekwondo Children’s Character Development‘ ANIBIG, Korea 2014, 520pp.
*Author: Grand Master Tae Eun Ha
Newly revised and updated version of this book is designed to help develop children’s character and improve their overall personality. Included is a series of tests and questionnaires that were created by Master Ha to help shed light on each child’s specific needs and offer them a customized prescription for their own personal development.

Tae Kwon Do (Actual Fighting) Limited Company, U.S.A 2002, 312 pp.
*This book is about the sparring basic techniques, applied techniques and tactics techniques. Also this book was advertised in the Taekwondo Times Magazine(page 9) in November 2002.

Kum Do. 21th century education, Seoul, Korea 2001, 184 pp.
*This book is about the history of the Korean swords. Also it shows the Korean swords technique.

Guide Reference for Physical Training(co-author) Kong-hak-sa, Daeku, Korea 1999, 176 pp.
*This is a Textbook that holds the rules to all sports. Tae Eun Ha wrote a 37 pages of all the rules for Taekwondo from page 139 to page 176.

The Introduction of Taekwondo Aesthetics(co-author) 21th century education, Seoul, Korea 1999, 168 pp
*This book is about the philosophy of the Taekwondo art, forms, sparing and demonstration.

Children For Character Taekwondo (co-author) Kong-hak-sa, Daeku, Korea 1998, 438 pp.
*Taekwondo Character is to improve the children’s bad life style.

Practice Taekwondo Kong-hak-sa, Daeku, Korea 1998, 542 pp.
*This book is written about the history of the Korean Army Taekwondo history and the North Korean Taekwondo history. By studying these too histories the book shows the way to improve the Korean Military Taekwondo skills.

The Introduction of Yangseng Taekwondo(co-author) Bok-yong, Seoul, Korea 1997, 272 pp.
*This book is about the mix of Korean philosophy and Korean medical philosophy and
making of the Yang Seng Forms that introduce both philosophy together.

DVD Productions

Yang Seng Exercise DVD Productions by SMS Productions, Inc., USA 2005
*Traditional Korean scientific health and individual diet program: 5 Parts to the Yang Seng Workout. (50 minutes)

Public Demonstrations
Yang Seng a public demonstration: A public Yang Seng demonstration in National Korean Military Taekwondo Tournament. May 1996

Yang Seng a public demonstration: A public Yang Seng demonstration in World Taekwondo Han Ma Dang Championship held by World Taekwondo Federation and Korean Taekwondo Association. October 1994

Newspaper and Magazine

Rockford Register Star Newspaper in America. Jan. 3rd, 2010.
*Master T.E.Ha helps young children with confidence and focusing issues by bringing discipline into their lives with Taekwondo.

The Hampshire Courier-Newspaper in America. Nov. 10th, 2009.
*Taekwondo CD & Taekwondo CS program for ADD/ADHD students receives presidential recognition….
Joong-Ang A Korean Daily Newspaper in America. Aug. 27th, 2008.
*World Jangsong Martial Arts Federation president Tae Eun Ha, develops TCD & TCS Taekwondo exercise regimen for ADD treatment.
Joong-Ang A Korean Daily Newspaper in America. June the 21st, 2008.
Grandmaster Tae Eun Ha and master Tony Ha taught a self-defense for kids classes at  the Korean American Senior Center.(June 16~17, 2008)
Belvidere Daily Republican Newspaper in America. April 18th, 2008.
*Grandmaster Tae Eun Ha $1,000 check to Boone County Sheriff Duane Wirth for the Crimestoppers program.
Joong-Ang A Korean Daily Newspaper in America. May 16, 2007~Dec. 12, 2007.
Yang Seng was featured in the “healthy advice” article at Opinion section of the Joong  Ang newspaper.
Joong-Ang A Korean Daily Newspaper in America. April the 8th, 2006.
*A front page article about the difference in the Yang Seng Exercise from the regular diet exercise.
Designed by professor Tae Eun HA. It means, “Extending a Life”.
This exercise is the combination of Korean medicine and traditional martial art movement, Ki-Gong (energy exercise), music-meditation, Do-In-        Bup (Korean traditional stretching), and Traditional Curved line.
Hankook A Korea Times in America. October the 21st, 2005.
*Article about Yang Seng DVD that Master Ha developed to improve American health and exercise habits.
Rockford Register Star (U.S. Illinois publication) April 14, 2003
*Yangseng maps out a wellness plan based on your personal profile
Taekwondo Times Magazine (US publication) May the18th, 2002
*An article about the history and the philosophy of Yang Seng Taekwondo
Dong-A Daily Newspaper in Korea. February the 24th, 1997.
Joong-Ang A Korean Daily Newspaper(Il-Gan Daily Sports) published in Korea. May the 14th, 1993.
*The articles converted half of the front page on “Yang Seng” program.
Korean People Magazine. June the 6th, 1992
*Through Yang Seng Taekwondo, you can alleviate stress and rid the ailment of getting older.
Mun-Hwa Newspaper in Korea. November the 21st, 1992.
*Yang Seng Taekwondo Program invention
Cho-Sun Daily Newspaper published in Korea. April the 22nd, 1992.
Korean Taekwondo Association Magazine June 12th, 1991
*Trough Taekwondo Trainging, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Available

TV Appearances

Grandmaster Tae Eun Ha was invited from KBC-TV News Magazine (WOCH Ch41, The Korean American Broadcasting Co., Inc.) to do a 20min. segment broadcast about his newest program, Taekwondo for kids with ADHD. The pro-gram will be televised at 10pm, September 4th 2008.

Grandmaster Tae Eun Ha was invited from WKTA AM1330 radio KOREA CHICAGO MEDIA GROUP segment broadcast about his newest  program, Taekwondo for kids with ADHD. interview with the Radio Korea (Chicago Media Group; WKTA 1330) radio station program on live 「Good Morning」(Sep.22, 2008)

Appeared in the Rockford channel 23 live news for holding a US Open Tournament to raise money for the children with economically disadvantaged. March 8, 2008

Appeared in the Rockford channel 23 and 17 live news for holding a US Open Tournament  to raise money for the children with economically disadvantaged. March 3, 2007

Appeared in the Rockford channel 13 live news for holding a US Open Tournament to raise money for the children with economically disadvantaged. March 18, 2006

Appeared in the Rockford channel 23 live news to show a demonstration about Yang Seng for 15 minutes. November 6, 2003

Appeared in the Iowa channel 2 Taekwondo documentary show to show a  Taekwondo demonstration. February 3, 2001

Tae Kwon Do University Leadership Training and Lectures

Gae Myung University in Korea, Takwondo Major, invited Tae Eun Ha to hold a seminar about Taekwondo Education. 1999

Jun Nam College in Korea, Taekwondo Major, invited Tae Eun Ha to hold a seminar about Taekwondo Education. 1999

Tom Ra University in Korea, Taekwondo Major, invited Tae Eun Ha to hold a seminar about Taekwondo Education. 1999

City of An-yang Taekwondo Association invited Tae Eun Ha to hold a seminar about the importance of teaching children personality Taekwondo. 1999

Nazarene University in Korea, Taekwondo Major, invited Tae Eun Ha to hold a seminar about Taekwondo Education. 2010

International Health Connective Kinestherapy Association invited Tae Eun Ha to hold a seminar about Health Connective Kinestherapy and its prospective future in today’s society. 2010


Jang Song Lineage