Ha’s Taekwondo’s Characteristics

The word Taekwondo may be used universally but the teaching methods and student programs differ from master to master and school to school.

First, we don’t only teach Taekwondo, but we identify the needs of each student and provide a custom program like TCD after a careful evaluation.

Second, our instructors are not only skilled in training Taekwondo but also educated in children’s psychology, education, and principals by our organization.

Third, we are recognized by the WTF so students have the opportunity to receive Kukkiwon certification and able to attend the official Olympics.

Ha’s Taekwondo has been in Business for 11 years teaching Martial Arts, Weight Loss, and working with parents and Children with ADD/ADHD we are the only such school that has programs designed just for students with those needs.

Tae Kwon Do is a bare‐handed military art form and sport that uses the hands and feet for attack and defense. Tae Kwon Do trains the body, but also focuses on development of the mind. The objective of learning Tae Kwon Do is to foster growth in both body and mind through skill building and etiquette lessons that aid in building courage, confidence and self‐esteem. Tae Kwon Do is a wonderful exercise for children who are still growing as well as a good way for adults to increase their physical endurance. Tae Kwon Do’s movements require extensive use of the joints, which increases the limberness of one’s body and aids young children in the development of coordination. Our classes emphasize the tenants which are an integral part of Tae Kwon Do:  Build Confidence, Learn Self‐Defense, Improve Concentration,

Increase Self‐Discipline, Develop the, “Yes I Can!” Master Ha has developed these programs with the knowledge of how children process information and is the author of the first and only book on methods for teaching young students the art of Tae Kwon Do.
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Marissa and Daniel.
Our children, Marissa (age 11) and Daniel (age 8) began taking lessons at Ha’s Taekwondo Academy in July, 2011.  Within the first few months of being involved in TCD & TCS classes we began to notice positive changes in our children.  These changes have continued to progress as their TKD skills have continued to progress. With the help of studying TKD, they have both grown and changed in many ways. Our daughter has become more self confident and assured in herself and her abilities.  She is no longer shy and reserved as she was as a child. She feels more comfortable giving presentations and volunteering at school. The shy child who displayed “stage fright” loves to compete in tournaments.  She is gaining greater flexibility and physical strength as a result of her Taekwondo lessons.  Your individual guidance and exercise instruction has helped her to overcome a developmental delay in her gross motor skills that she has struggled with since she was a baby. The exercises you gave us to work on at home to help her overcome this disability were simple and quick to accomplish.  In a matter of a few short months, we accomplished a goal we had been working toward for years.  With the help of the TCS lessons, Marissa has made great progress in learning to manage her ADD symptoms. She has found that with focus and attention, she has greater control over her symptoms and is able to manage them much easier than previously. Our son, Daniel, has shown great improvement and growth as well as the result of learning TKD. Daniel has always been an overly active child who has had troubles sitting still and had troubles with focus and attention. As a result of his participation in Taekwondo and the TCS classes, our son is now better able to control his behaviors. He has learned a great deal about giving respect and maintaining discipline.  Memorization of new skills does not come easily for Daniel, but with the help of TKD he has learned to exhibit persistence and diligence that has helped him to commit many tasks to memory.
Mark and Melinda Trotter.
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My 8 year old son, Cody, was diagnosed with ADHD in November 2011. Cody is a great kid and fun to be with but his mind wondered and he sometimes seemed to live in his own little world. He would often have conversations with himself and would laugh spontaneously after thinking of something that he thought was funny. We tried enrolling Cody in several sports, t-ball and soccer, with little positive results. Cody couldn’t concentrate on playing either one. He would stand in the middle of the field, look at the sky and spin in circles. He rarely engaged in play. It was frustrating for him, his parents and his coaches. His coaches tried but they didn’t know how to help Cody learn to play the game. He always talked about wanting to quit the team but I always told him that he needed to finish what he started. In one of the meetings with his school, someone suggested martial arts. I didn’t know how it could help him but I thought I would give it a try. After some investigation I came across Ha’s Taekwondo Academy. I became excited when I learn of the TCS program and heard of the positive results with other children.

Since enrolling Cody in Taekwondo and the TCS program, Cody’s concentration has improved. Cody is more respectful at home with his parents and siblings. He used to whine and complain when you asked him to do things around the house. Now when you ask him, Cody stops what he is doing, responds with  “Yes sir” or “Yes Maam”, and does the task without complaint. He still needs to be redirected occasionally when the task takes some time to accomplish like cleaning up a room but his attitude is much better. What an improvement! We used to have to repeat ourselves over and over again to get him to do anything. Cody’s confidence has improved considerably. He used to get down on himself and said he couldn’t do things or wasn’t good at anything. On our drive home after earning his orange belt he said, “I did so good. I think I’m the best Taekwondo kid ever!”

Cody enjoys Taekwondo and love’s Master Ha. He was very excited when Master Ha came back from an extended trip to Korea. Cody isn’t cured of his ADHD. He still struggles but he has greatly improved. I’m so glad I decided to enroll him in Taekwondo and the TCS program. I look forward to him continuing to train with Master Ha’s program and continue his progress.

Thank you.

Jim Spence

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We would like to thank you and your staff for the direction and guidance you have given our 3 year-old son, Derek. Derek’s progress, in just 2 ½ months of TCS(Taekwondo Clinical Support) sessions, and his participation in your Tiny Lions classes, has been amazing. Derek has a sensory integration issue that causes him trouble with focusing on tasks in large group settings and processing sensory input into appropriate motor and behavioral responses. In a short time, we have already seen a marked improvement in Derek’s ability to focus, respond to direction and an improvement in his overall coordination. Thank you again.
Tracy & Fred Biederstadt.
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My son Rushi (6) and daughter Riya (almost 4), have been enrolled at Ha’s TKD since July, 2012.  Over the past 2 months, I have noticed several positive changes in both my children, but especially Rushi, my 6 year old. After finding about Ha’s TCS( Taekwondo Clinical Support) class, I contacted them and enrolled both my children. Rushi qualified for the TCS class. Over the last two months, I have seen a significant improvement in his focus, concentration, impulsivity, patience and self-confidence. In addition, Rushi’s respect level for others has increased.  He has just started Kindergarten and his TCS training has helped him make a very smooth transition. All of the skills he is learning at Ha’s Tae Kwon Do are helping him tremondously in school – especially being respectful to his teachers and class mates and taking responsibility. Rushi has made such amazing progress in 2 months that he is no longer required to attend the TCS class. Both children are excited to attend class two times per week. The class has helped my daughter with physical strength, stamina and better gross motor skills. They think very highly of their instructors and work hard to please them. They are proud of their own successes which are celebrated with the class. This is a great boost to their confidence levels. We are so pleased with Master Ha’s program.  We are also very grateful for his ability to strike a balance between discipline and love for his students.  He is an extremely dedicated teacher and strives to help every child. My children know that he genuinely cares for them and they also care greatly for him.  Thank you !!
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I’m contacting you in regards to my son Colby.  He has been taking Tae Kwon Do classes with you for over a year.  Let me tell you of the progress he has made.  When he first started, he would fidget around constantly, would not focus, and had problems paying attention. He attends classes twice a week, and one of the biggest surprises for me, is how he still looks forward to class after a year.  He tells me he wants to stay in class until he becomes a black belt. The changes I have seen in the last year have been fantastic!  He pays attention in class, shows respect, and focuses.  In school last year he did fabulous. He was a top reader in his
class, and good with mathematics.
I’m very happy with the results from your school, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get more respect discipline, and confidence in their child! Thank you,
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The Master, other instructors, and fellow students at Ha’s have made a tremendous difference in our son’s life.
Tyler joined our family at age five.  Emotionally, he was functioning at a fifteen month old level. He had limited verbal skills and engaged only in
‘parallel play’. At age nine, Tyler joined TKD. At this point, he had been diagnosed as having Aspergers Syndrome, which has been considered a mild form of Autism. Although we all knew he was very intelligent, Tyler still had very limited verbal and social skills. For the first year of class, Tyler could not make eye contact, did not talk, had trouble even stepping into the studio, and frequently ran around the room or simply did nothing.
Master Ha saw the potential in Tyler and kept working with him – many times on a one to one basis.  Tyler responded and, ever so slowly, began to participate fully in TCD.  Now, three years later, Tyler now smiles and laughs in class. He does all required work with a Black belts degree of quality we did not know he was capable of. He shares his skills with friends and with his classes at Roscoe Middle School. What a change! The teachers at Ha’s are all to be commended for their knowledge, patience, and consistent quality teaching. We have been impressed with their willingness to work with special needs individuals, whether those needs be physical or emotional.
Thank you, Ha’s, for the difference you have made in Tyler. Our son now has the joy of accomplishment as well as goals for his future.  You have helped “open up” his life to the world around him! Thank you all,
The Bauer Family Larry,
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Our son Trevor has ADD/ADHD. He struggles with staying focused, sitting still for long periods of time, distracted, talks loud, makes impulsive choices, being disrespectful, and is not as flexible as most kids his age.
We signed Trevor up for TCPD class, 3 months ago, in hopes that Master Ha could help him focus better, control his loud tone, show more respect and to become more flexible. We were really skeptical at first, but after the 1st month, we started seeing a completely different Trevor. He is more respectful, controls his loud tone, only using it at TKD. He is able to sit still longer and he is more focused. He is gaining flexibility each time day…
We know he can do it now. It’s amazing how in such a short period of time, Trevor has changed. He continues to grow more flexible and respectful with each class. Thank you for the tools for Trevor’s success.
Mr & Mrs Gonzalez
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Our son had been experiencing behavior problems for quite some time, and our child care provider had suggested Master Ha’s academy to aid with his behavior development. Once enrolled in the TCPD program just after the first few we’ve seen a positive change in his interactions with us, approach with other children and our child care provider. We had been to other professionals to help aid us with our son’s behavior, but nothing had worked until we enrolled our son into this program. This program went further than just a few classes it also gave us as parents tools to use at home to continue our son’s development and keep it consistent. My son now is more focused and disciplined; we have Master Ha’s program to thanks.
Sean Raney & Danielle Raney
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