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“Any Martial Arts studio can teach the basic principles of Taekwondo.
What sets us apart from our competition is the research, development and the teaching experience of our instructors.”
Grand Master Tae E. Ha

The first question you might be asking yourself is: In what way will my child improve or learn by enrolling at Ha’s Taekwondo?

At  Ha’s Taekwondo our primary training goals do not focus on fighting techniques. Instead we are more focused on physical fitness, self defense, self discipline and a strong martial arts spirit. Each program is specifically designed to fit the individual’s age and personality goals.

Other schools may advertise their ability to instill skills such as respect, confidence, discipline, etc. in your child, however, how do they plan to do that?  Grand Master Ha and the International Taekwondo Health Federation have developed a systematic and sensational ‘Taekwondo Character Development: TCD’ Program. This TCD program has played an influential role and seen proven results in many children’s lives over the past 17 years.

1. Children (Ages 3-11)
* Individual Character and Physical Training. Each student is given a Character Development test which enables us to see physical and emotional strengths as well as areas that require improvement. We consistently work with our students in helping them build the foundation to be both emotionally and physically stronger.
* Our Instructors and programs focus on improving a child’s overall self control and physical fitness. Once this is achieved children are able to better control their actions, ways of thinking and speaking, thereby forming positive habits and personalities.

2. Teenager (Ages 12-18)
* Our Instructors and programs focus on self-defense, technique, physical strength, concentration, self discipline and confidence.
* We teach a dynamic Olympic-style program. You will see overall improvements in school study habits, physical education, social skills and overall positive attitude.

3. Adults (Ages 19-Up)
* Our Instructors and programs focus on overall health by following the Oriental medical philosophy in teaching proper breathing and stretching techniques. This helps with blood pressure and flexibility issues, promotes proper organ function and helps with stress and energy issues as well.
* Self defense is also emphasized but is always tempered with training in seeking alternative methods to conflict.

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